• Treatment of Brain Aneurysms, Vascular Malformations & Strokes

    Conservative, compassionate, ultra-minimally invasive care to help you get back on your feet

    A diagnosis of a brain aneurysm or a vascular malformation is scary. Recovering from a stroke and working to prevent another one is draining. These life threatening conditions need compassionate, expert care.


    Dr. Son has the largest neuroendovascular practice in San Antonio and the area treating conditions like brain aneurysms, vascular malformations, carotid stenosis, strokes and Moya Moya disease. When these diseases do need surgery his experience with cutting edge minimally invasive techniques can lead to remarkaly short recoveries.


    He was the first in Texas to use the novel Woven EndoBridge to treat a brain aneurysm post FDA approval, the first in San Antonio to use the Comaneci device to treat a brain aneurysm, the first in the region to use the Surpass flow diverting stent, the first neurosurgeon in San Antonio to perform minimally invasive transcarotid artery revascualrization to prevent strokes, the first in San Antonio to start doing neuroendovascular procedures through the wrist.


    If you've been diagnosed with a brain aneurysm or other abnormality of the blood vessels of the brain let Dr. Son walk you through the diagnosis and help come up with a personalized treatment plan.




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